FW-1 External Interfaces?

FW-1 External Interfaces?

Post by Viru » Sat, 11 Apr 1998 04:00:00

From what I gathered via trial-n-error, all I have to do for setting up
multiple external interfaces is by doing the following steps:

Start->Firewall->Firewall Configuration. Click on 'External I/F Tab'.

Then input El90x1,El90x2,El90x3   then press 'OK'. (for 3 external interface

Is this correct? (Since there are no real ways in the Admin manual for
setting this way up).

-- Michael


1. Port forward external to external interface

First of I am new to Linux. I have a Linux system
running with IP Masq between an external and
internal interface.

I am trying to help a friend whose provider is
blocking access to some sites for eg. Napster.

I would like to forward a port on my Linux box to
Napster and so she would actually be connecting
to me and therefore not be blocked. She has a
dynamic IP address.

Is this even possible or is it just a pipe dream?
I would also need to portfw data on a paricular
port to her IP address. Is there any way that
once I get a connection from her to a
predetermined port then I can get her IP address
and then run the ipmasqadm script to enable port
forwarding to her address? Any comments would be
greatly appreciated.


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