Netscape dependencies

Netscape dependencies

Post by Al Marzia » Mon, 01 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I need these two dependencies, libstdc++so.27 and to get
netscape to work . I have version 4.05 -3a.  I have the two above files,
they are html files.  I notice their icons are little globes on paper. I
do not know what that icon means, or how to get the files to work.



1. dependency problems with netscape

    I have netscape communicator 4.08 running under redhat 5.2.   I
downloaded 4.51 from redhat, but when I try to load the common section I
get a need for

  for it to load. I can't seem to find what this means.  Can anyone help
me. I can't find a RPM that remotely resembles this. I even downloaded
the new libc under 6.0, with no change in error.

         Jim Bisnett

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