SCSI device & busses not seend by LinuxPPC install

SCSI device & busses not seend by LinuxPPC install

Post by chrismenk » Mon, 26 Mar 2001 22:41:17

Hey all,

I'm trying to do my third install, and have run into a new problem.

The device I want to install on is not recognized by PerlDisk.  It should
show up as sdc, but doesn't.

I have tried HFS formatting with Apple's drive setup, FWB's HDT 4.0, and
SoftRAID before rebooting to the install CD, but whatever I have tried has
failed. This device also fails to automount under MacOS, but onec manually
mounted is a champ...

The device is a Quantum Atlas IV 9.1 GB SCA, with a WORKING SCA to 50 pin
adapter on my PowerMac 9600's NCR external (dog slow bus).

I wanted to install to a drive on either of my HiPo SCSI cards, but these
busses don't even appear to the installer.  Is the FWB JackHammer SE
controller supported under LinuxPPC 2000.

I lack the space to move the drive to the internal bus MESH, and neither of
the JackHammer busses are available, and I want my Linux!

Any help appreciated.



1. LinuxPPC-R4 will not install on a stock G3 with UltraWide SCSI ?

I am having trouble installing LinuxPPC-R4 (vmlinux v2.1.125?) on my
G3/300 tower at work.   It has UltraWide SCSI and ATA DVD and Zip (all
came pre-installed from Apple).

Last week I successfully installed the same LinuxPPC-R4 distribution
on a PMac 8500 and a new Powerbook G3.   I was planning on installing
it on an SCSI drive connected to the external SCSI 1 port of the G3
tower just like I did on the 8500.

But with the G3 tower, right after "ADB mouse driver installed" I get
a repeated  "AWACS:error, status = 4f40d9"  when booting up to install
(using bootX 1.0b6)

vmlinux v2.1.127 did not help
vmlinux v2.1.130 did.   It had the same error, but then continued with
hdc:DVD-ROM and hdd:Zip
But then it freezes after "scsi : 1 host.", "mesh ...", and then a lot
of crap about REGS and TASK and 4 lines of hexidecimal addresses.

I assume the problem is the U/W SCSI since the Powerbook G3 currently
running LinuxPPC-R4 also has an ATA DVD.

Help?    I am still pretty new to Linux.

Maybe there is a better kernel to use?

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