XF4.0.1 support for digital video cards?

XF4.0.1 support for digital video cards?

Post by Stephen R. Anders » Sat, 14 Oct 2000 04:00:00

What work is currently going on that might provide (kernel and)
XFree86 support for the new generation of video cards, cards that
support digital displays? I'm hoping to get a 3dfx voodoo4 (the
voodoo5 seems like overkill) or perhaps an ATI radeon, if they ever
come out with the PCI version, for my B&W G3. I have a nice digital
display that's going to waste as far as linux/PPC is concerned....

I can't find anything in the XF4.0.1 sources that goes beyond the
voodoo3 (or that recognizes the radeon at all),  but those sources are
already kind of old by now. Is there hope that cards supporting the
new generation of displays will get linux/PPC support?

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XF4.0.1 support for digital video cards?

Post by michael s. jesso » Mon, 16 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Found the cause of the low refresh rate.  There was one "1024x786" mode
line that had the rate set at 65.  I bumped it to 75 and all is well.
Tho' why it chose the slowest out of all the modes is unknown to me,
since it is supposed to be smart enought to select an optimal setting,
no?  Anywa, I am happy that I no longer get headaches at my computer.


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