Q: installing LinuxPPC-1999 Updates

Q: installing LinuxPPC-1999 Updates

Post by Anonymou » Sat, 11 Sep 1999 04:00:00

What's the best/safest way to install all the
updates I see at :


I have the 1st revision of the LinuxPPC 1999 CD-ROM, and I've
already downloaded the latest MacOS-side installer from :


(I installed it once already but have been too busy to
use it.  I'm thinking a clean install with all these
new files would be a good idea.)



1. New G3 and LinuxPPC-1999 Install

O.K. I give up. I am trying to install linuxPPC on my G3 Tower Blue and
White. I just bought it yesterday. It has the new firmware updates etc. When
I attempt to run Linux for the first time from the Bootx window with either
the LinuxPPC-Standard kernel of the Linux-final kernel, to actually install
the source, the screen changes to black and then hangs with:


That's it.

When I tried a precompiled G3 Kernel, it starts to load, the Penguin comes
up in the corner etc. Then it complains about the USB-HUB version not
compatible tries about 10 times with this message and then goes into a
kernel panic.

What's up here? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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