MkLinux won't install

MkLinux won't install

Post by Teetime » Thu, 24 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to install DR3 onto my Performa 6115CD again.  I got it to install
once, and I installed it onto an external drive.  When my internal drive died,
I could no longer boot up Linux.

I now have a new internal drive, and I thought that would do the trick, but no
luck.  I have since tried to install Linux again onto the external drive, which
I initialized again and partitioned again, but without success.

At the "splash screen",  I choose "boot MkLinux", but nothing happens after the
message "system booting" shows up.  When I was able to install it before, it
launched immediately to the installer.

The line in lilo.conf is rootdev=/dev/scd0  which should be correct, and is
what I used before.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated


MkLinux won't install

Post by Gary Connor » Thu, 31 Dec 1998 04:00:00

> The line in lilo.conf is rootdev=/dev/scd0  which should be correct, and is
> what I used before.

  this line boots it off of CD.  Reinstall onto the drive and make the changes
that the installer asks you to make in the lilo.conf file at the very end


1. MkLinux DR3 won't install on my Pmac 8600

I have an 8500 with a 200mhz upgrade card running pre-DR3 just fine.
(How to upgrade pre-DR3 to DR3, that's a question for a later date.)
I thought I'd do my office desktop machine too.  It's a more or less
stock 8600/300, 352 MB RAM, one internal and 2 external scsi disks.
I put the DR3 install kernel files in the first partition of the
drive, which pdisk tells me is sda5 (as it seems it should be).

So, whenever I boot into MkLinux, it gets to the point where it
should be reading bootstrap.conf, then the screen is filled with a
stripe of bit rot and the machine hangs.  The messages on the screen
are illegible because various bits are hosed up.

If the video matters, I'm using the built-in video, 20" monitor,
4MB vram.

bootstrap.conf itself is fine.  As far as I can tell the mach_servers
files are fine too, or at least "uncorrupted."  But something is
obviously hosed.

I had a few tedious things to cope with during my first install on
the 8500, but nothing like this.

Any ideas?

        -joseph hall
         effective perl programming

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