VMPower G3 Upgrade Card and LINUX

VMPower G3 Upgrade Card and LINUX

Post by Kevi » Thu, 26 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Anyone here have a Motorola Starmax or PM4400 they upgraded to G3 with a
VMPower G3 Upgrade card and running LINUX?

I read that the VMPOWER cards do not have drivers built in and in order
to run LINUX under these cards you would still need to boot
MAC OS first, is this true? Any ideas, Id like to get one of these cards
and install LINUX without MACOS.....


1. G3 Processor Upgrade Card Crescendo G3/L2 1M


does anybody have experience with the G3 Processor Upgrade Card Sonnet
G3/L2 1M/2:1 300 MHz BG3-300-1M for Performa 6400? Especially with
respect to LinuxPPC?



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