Root mounts read-only

Root mounts read-only

Post by Jim Oro » Mon, 06 Sep 1999 04:00:00


I'm having a devil of time getting any verion of Linux working on
a Blue & White G3 (rev 1, 350Mhz).

My closest so far is with the latest Yellow Dog CDs.  The install
would hang or panic if I didn't unselect all of the optional packages,
but after doing that it finally installed successfully.  However it
always boots with the root read-only.  I can boot single-user Ok,
and do some minimal poking around, but that's about it.

I would most appreciate any ideas on how to fix this!

Jim Orosz

P.S.    With LinuxPPC R5 I get a panic while trying to mount /.
        Unfortunately I don't remember the exact details, and I can't
        check again as Yellow Dog is there now, but I don't care which
        one I run at this point, if I can get either to work!


1. trouble, root mounted read-only

I am having trouble booting my new 1.3.64 kernel from
a floppy.  The new kernel mounts my root partition (/ )
as a read-only partition.  All attempts at handling
the /etc/mtab, /etc/utmp, /etc/wtmp, files fail.  (They
are deleted, moved, and recreated by my init program.)

Everything works fine when I go back to my good old
kernel 1.2.8 .

kernel 1.3.64
gcc    2.7.2
libc   5.2.18  1.7.14

Any comments or advice are greatly appreciated.  Post or

                thanks, bill e.g.

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