Installation problems on 7200/75

Installation problems on 7200/75

Post by tiefeng yo » Thu, 02 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I have been trying  to install the latest version of linuxppc on my
powermac 7200/75 with 32 M memory and two SCSI hard disk and Mac OS 7.6. I
followed the instructions on the manual from The
necessary  files were installed succesfully on my hard disk, then I was
told to reboot. During rebooting, I choosed Linux from the options, the
screen turned black and no responses any more.  Then I tried to reboot and
choose Mac OS. I successfully entered MacOS. From the desktop, I tried to
boot linux by clicking BootLinuxPPC. This time I saw somegthing on the
screen but was told that

error in loading shared libraries: can not open shared
object file: no such file or directory not exist.............

I tried almost all the kernels I could find but everytime I got the same

Does anybody has similar experience or can anybody give some suggestions?

Thanks a lot!!!



1. LinuxPPC on a 7200/75 install problem

 Hey everyone

 I purchased, from Microcenter, a copy of LinuxPPC open box. Thought I'd
save a few bucks. I got home and my cute little 7200/75 couldn't read
the install CD. The thing was that it could read other CDs, the source
CD that came with the install CD, as a matter of fact. So I knew that it
wasn't my CD-ROM, it had to be the install CD. Bummer as it were, I opted
to return the thing and exchange it for a new copy, paying a few bucks more.
Got home, it worked a couple times but then, much to my chagrin, now the
install CD isn't working again! The source CD works, other CDs work, the
install CD from a brand new box doesn't!

 Is anyone else having this problem? Can it be fixed? Should I just mail
off and ask for a new CD? Thanks.

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