second ethernet card for YDL Linux?

second ethernet card for YDL Linux?

Post by randall jone » Sat, 22 Jul 2000 04:00:00


i want to set up my PPC9500/YDL Linux box as a firewall, mainly so that
I can run both a Linux web server and my MacOS machine off of the same
static IP.  This means I need another Ethernet card, as far as i can
tell.  (all i know about networking i learned in the past week.)

Can anyone tell me about a PCI ethernet card which will work in this
configuration?  I checked yellowdog's site, but they list only the
following ethernet interfaces as supported: "- MACE, BMAC, BMAC+, and
DEC 21041 ethernet interfaces."  are these chipsets?  I have been unable
to translate said acronyms into something I can buy.

best regards,
randall jones

randall jones
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Hi everyone,

        We've got a machine here that has two SMC Ultra ethernet cards in it,
one of which is hooked up to our internet firewall, another of which we would
like to hook up to another firewall, leading to a privately run network.  The
machine has always worked just fine with one card hooked to the internet, but
I'm having trouble with the second card going to the private network.  I mean,
the kernel recognizes it and all that via ifconfig just fine, but I'm no
routing expert, and getting the right routing commands for the second card are
driving me crazy. Basically, I'd like to set up some static routes from the
second card to a few machines on the private network, but it's just not
happening.  Does anyone have any advice or a few lines from a sample rc.inet1
script which might point me in the right direction?  Thanks a lot.

                                                -Larry Quantz

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