Ghostscript problems?

Ghostscript problems?

Post by Brian Du » Sun, 14 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Linux PPC r4 from the CD rom.  Canon BJC 4100 printer.

When printing the test pages with printtool it can do the ascii pages just
fine, but when printing the postscript test page it will lose parts of the
test page.  Different parts are lost at different times.  When attempting
to print other graphics images via ghostscript, sometimes it will print
most of the image, sometimes it won't print anything, and sometimes it can
print an entire smaller image.

Meanwhile, when viewing some of the postscript examples on the screen, the
viewer sometimes doesn't show anything except a blank page.

Where do I make sure it is using XON/XOFF for the printer?

Are there any known bugs with the ghostscript program?



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I have trouble configuring my printing system on a Mandrake 7.1 system.  I tried using CUPS, LPR

and even PDQ (all of them with ljet4 driver), but neither of them would solve the problem :

When I try to print on an Optra E+ B&W Laser printer from any program that output Postscript (

as StarOffice, Sketch, etc.) the text is misaligned on the page (eg. too much space on the top

of the page and on the left).

When I print raw text or pdf files, everything's ok...

What could it be?

Which conf. file should I fiddle with to correct it?


Alexis Bilodeau
eMagiK Technologies

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