MKLinux DR3 won't boot on 7200

MKLinux DR3 won't boot on 7200

Post by Andy Smi » Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have a problem with the initial boot/install of DR3 on my 7200/90.
Looking at some arlier postings the symptoms are sort of similar:

Drag the Mac files into place, reboot, choose MKLinux at the splash
screen, get two boot meassages, then "mem_size = 168M" then .... nothing.

I have a fairly standard setup: scsi cd-rom on id 3, internal scsi disk on
0, external on 1 (where I'm trying to install if I get that far).
lilo.conf points to /dev/scd0 but I can see no CD activity during the boot

Based on other postings I'm suspicious of:
1. Memory size too big ?? (168Mb) - Anyone successfully installed on >128?
2. My PCI Video card - a Formac Provision 4/60 - How does MKLinux handle this?

Short of ripping out my installed memory or video, does anyone have any ideas?