Is it possible that the linux kernel execute the "insmod" command( or operation) by oneself?

Is it possible that the linux kernel execute the "insmod" command( or operation) by oneself?

Post by Migre » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 12:41:31

I am developing the device driver on  PPC board.
I have some problem.
It works corretly and perfectly.
But, sometimes  It is rebooted and some dirty(?) message is printed.
TASK = 3D c01728e8[12] 'insmod' Last systemcall: 128
last math 00000000  last altivec 00000000
I didn't execute the insmod command!
The kernel executes this command by himself ?

Thank you !


1. "weof" operation in "mt" command gives "permission denied"


Some time ago I made a mistake and deleted my /dev directory.  Since
then, I have had to occasionally run the "mknod" command to create a
device here and there.  I did have a directory list of /dev, and I have
used that as a guide for which major and minor node numbers to use, and
which type of file to create.

Anyway, my Exabyte 8200 is /dev/nrst0, which is listed as:

  crw-rw-rw-   1 root     wheel      9, 128 Oct 29 09:30 /dev/nrst0

I am trying to write 2 eof marks after the end of file 0, so that I can
re-write file 1.  The sequence that I use for this on the the same tape
at work (and this works just fine) is:

  1) mt -f /dev/nrst0 asf 1   position after the first eof (after file 0)
  2) mt -f /dev/nrst0 bsf 1   position before the first eof
  3) mt -f /dev/nrst0 weof 2  make it look like file 0 is only file on tape
  4) mt -f /dev/nrst0 bsf 1   position after the first eof

When I try this with linux, the weof command (step 3) results in:

  mt: /dev/nrst0: Permission denied

Is this a problem with the driver, or is there something wrong with my
device definition.  According to the man page, I should be able to do
this under Linux pretty much the same as it works under SunOS.

There is no problem writing to the tape otherwise.

I have Slackware 2.x.


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