Help me get machine up to run Linux

Help me get machine up to run Linux

Post by Ron Olso » Sat, 10 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hey all-

I have a dead IBM PowerPC PowerStation that if I could ressurect, I would
run Linux on. I know this is not a hardware group, but IBM has completely
disavowed the product; no trace of it can be found on their web site. I even
called them and could not find anyone to help me. Then they suggested the
RS/6000 group and they bounced me back because it's not an RS/6000.

Basically, nothing happens. The power comes on, the disk grinds a little,
but no cursor, no memory count, no beeps, etc. I've tried to replace the
components, but I can't because the network card and video card all seem to
be "PowerPC-ized" as well as the PCI and ISA slots.

If you can direct me to a source of information on this, it'd be greatly

Thanks for any info,