a_ux formating truble :-(

a_ux formating truble :-(

Post by ri » Sun, 03 May 1998 04:00:00

> hi im just about to try to install MkLinuk(pre-3) on a powerpc g3 whit an
> internal 2 gb NEC scsi HD.

> the problem: apples "Apple HD SC Setup" wont rekognize my harddrive and i
> dont hava any money right now to by me a hardisktoolkit or anything else
> for that mater. i have herd that there is a hack i resedit to to make Apple
> HD SC Setup work with non apple disks or can this be done in pdisk.
> to me pdisk looks like fdisk on the pc* (partions bur not fomating).

> any help i this matter would be verry appritiated.

Try Drive Setup 1.4 or later, look on the G3 system CD.



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I just did something really dumb.

I was getting to the end of a marathon debugging session, like seriously 8
or 9 hours. I kept editing, recompiling, running; editing recompiling
running... I must have been getting tired, because I typed this:

gcc hugeprogram.c -o hugeprogram.c

Jeez - shouldn't a compiler warn you if you try to write over your source

Anyway, just to make sure, there's no magic trick for recovering source
code from gcc-compiled code, is there?

I was doing all my work in a unix window, and found scraps of the program
in the scroll-back buffer, but can't think of anything else to try.

I never use emoticons, but right now I am really bummed :-(

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