keyboard layout scrambled after installing r5

keyboard layout scrambled after installing r5

Post by Chri » Tue, 21 Sep 1999 04:00:00

i am curently trying to install linuxppc r5 (1999).
my setup is:
g3 266/dt, rev 2, swiss-german keyboard
96 mb ram
internal 4 gb hda (hfs+ only)
internal scsi zip
internal ide cd rom
internal 2 gb hdd (for linuxppc):1.2 gb root;100mb swap; 700mb hfs
external 1 gb scsi disk (macosxs)
external scanner and loudspeakers
usb pci card with ariston mouse and ariston gamepad attached

i had linuxppc rel. 4 installed before on the very same disk - everthing
worked fine.
now to my problem:
the installation runs smoothly, everything just fine, even the usb mouse is
detected and works.
then, when i restart my machine with bootx and from hdd5, linux starts up
and after a while gives me some usb related error messages - suppose
this is
because it cannot find a gamepad driver, but the console is scrolling to
fast to be readable. then linux starts up the different daemons, everything
is still fine untill the amd is trying to start up - it fails, i think, but
after a timeout the system continues to boot and the state of the amd is set
to OK at the end of the line.
then i enter the gnome logon screen and here the real trouble starts: the
keyboard layout is completely scramblem, not just set to a us keyboard or
something, i get letters when i press numbers and vice versa, get the same
keyvalue from different keys and so on.
i tried to reinstall linux, but this did not help, the keyboard was still
scrambled. then i set a very easy root password, so that i could still
logon. i managed to do that and the keyboardlayout was still the sam under
could you please help me: what can i do to get the keyboard in order? just
the us layout would be fine.

thanks a lot in advance,


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I installed Q4 over a previous Linux2000 installation on my powerbook

None of the new kernels dumped on /boot seemed to work, but I copied
vmlinux-2.2.18-4hpmac from the CD and got the system map with matching name from
the web.

When I boot into 2.2.18, just about everything seems fine (I get an error
about no which strangely reports the exact same file name i used and of
course, I have no module info file) but the keyboard is scrambled.  All
the keys seem to corrospond to another charactoer

I spend a good 10 minutes mapping the keyboard.  For example, to type
"root", I have to hit "tab-s-s-w".

I am running an older kernel with no mouse and sound.


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