Installer freezes on 7500 w/ G3 upgrade

Installer freezes on 7500 w/ G3 upgrade

Post by Peter Lindber » Fri, 14 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I recently installed LinuxPPC successfully on an iMac where I work.
However, I'm having a LOT of trouble intalling it on my personal machine:

7500 with Xlr8 G3/350
120 Mb RAM
MacTel Vision 3D video card
brand spankin' new IBM UltraStar 9 gig SCSI drive
external Quantum Fireball 1 Gig SCSI drive
Zip drive
OS 8.1

At first, the X installer would load, but shortly after it finished
loading, it freezes (mouse pointer won't move).  I tried restarting a
few times, and tried it with and without the zip and external drive
turned on.  I also tried switching the internal SCSI ribbon cable from
the bus 0 connector to the bus 1 connector (as per FAQ-o-matic).  The
last time I tried installing, it didn't even get to the X installer, and
hung up with the message "Kernel Panic: Machine Check" or something.  

I'm thinking it has something to do with my new IBM drive.

Any suggestions?

Peter Lindberg