kernel panic with my NE2K pci clone

kernel panic with my NE2K pci clone

Post by St├ęphane d'Hallui » Fri, 25 Feb 2000 04:00:00


I succeed to compile the kernel 2.2.6 with the right driver for my card!!
But  by booting the machine with the new kernel I got this display:

"The pci Bios has not enabled this NE2K. Updating PCI command clone
0000 -->0001
Machine check in kernel mode
caused by : reg c026f020 unknown values in usr....."
How can I resolve this problem?

Thank you for your reply.



1. Looking for info on these PCI ne2k clones

Hi all!

  Sitting in front of me on my desk are two boxes with cheapo ne2k
`compatible' cards. And because I know various makes/models of these
beasts may or may not work properly with Linux, I'd like to hear if
by any chance anyone might have some experience (good or bad) with
either of these.

  Number one is from a company calling itself `4-lan', and has a
Winbond chipset (well, apparently it's just a single chip) marked
`W89C940F' and `746AE273906102'. The card itself seems to be lacking
any specific model name, on the box it simply says `High Performance
Lan Adapter...' I see.

  The other one is called PCI-NET/32, from Lantech, with a RMC(?) chip
marked `RTL8029AS', `7B132T1', and `747C TAIWAN'.

  I'll be able to return one or both of these, depending upon which one
works, but I'd like to save myself the hassle of trying out both, so
I'd be very grateful if anyone has any recommendations which to take
and which to stay away from (apart from a general `stay away from PCI
ne2k compatibles, period'...). TIA!

Cheers, Tilman
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