RedHat CD installation on G3 - any success out there?

RedHat CD installation on G3 - any success out there?

Post by netfi » Sat, 13 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Been trying for 2 weeks now and I got to this point:

"You don't have any hard drives available!
You probably forgot to configure a SCSI Controller"
...what does that mean???

my partition scheme is

When Linux installation books use the word "Boot", do they mean:
1. Install
2. Restart the computer
3. Run an application


1. RedHat installation success story?

I'm planning to build a low cost (under $600) RedHat system and need advise
as to all components (the entire enchilade - as we say here in Texas).
 I am hopping to hear from someone who has simply followed the RH
installation instructions and  finally shutdown with a smile.  Is there
anyone out there with this experience or is this system as cantankerous as
most sites seem to indicate.  I'm hopping to setup as many as 1000 machines
per year and that why I'm looking for simplicity.  I have an opportunity to
disrupt the Microsoft tax system on a corporate level but I need help to do

If you can help please document every component in detail.  This system
requires the following options: sound card, CD ROM and 56k modem.

Additionally I must incorporate a touch screen which I think few of you have
experience with.

Thanks all


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