Can't change video resolution in KDE

Can't change video resolution in KDE

Post by Guillaume Marca » Thu, 15 Oct 1998 04:00:00

> Hello:

> I'm having trouble changing video resolution for use in KDE (linuxppc,
> Motorola Starmax 3000).

> I edited my rc file so that KDE did not load on boot, logged in, and used
> vmode to change the resolution.  The resolution changed and my console screen
> reflected it, but when I did startx, KDE launched in 640X480 (I had set a
> higher resolution).

  Try : startx -- -mode 15 -depth 16



1. Can't change video resolutions for 3D Blaster Banshee Video Card

Does anyone know how I can change the resolution of my 3D Blaster
Banshee Video Card in Linux? I've been struggling with this problem for
a while now. The resolution by default was set very high after I
downloaded the 3D Blaster Banshee Linux Driver from Creative
    I already tried to run Xconfigurator but my video card was not in
the list so I chose the Unlisted Option. However, I could find the
chipset that I have in the next list which is the Banshee Chipset. Now
that I was unable to find the proper hardware that I had in
Xconfigurator I'm unable to proceed to change resolutions.
    I called Linux support but they weren't much help and I just found
out that Creative does not support this driver. If anyone here has had
the same problem and has resolved it, please contact me. I really want
to know how I can solve this.

Thanks for Reading

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