help: compiling magic, the VLSI layout tool

help: compiling magic, the VLSI layout tool

Post by Matthew R. Tubb » Wed, 29 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Has anyone tried to compile magic, the VLSI layout tool
under LinuxPPC?

I tried, and it chokes twards the end.  I don't have
the error message right in front of me, but
I will repost it.

Here's where you can find info and download the source
to magic:


1. HELP: Compiling Magic (the VLSI layout tool) under LinuxPPC

 Has anyone successfully compiled Magic
under LinuxPPC?
I keep getting two main errors --
sys_errlist has conflicting types (in magic.h and stdio.h, I think)
and a parse error near "instead" (in /usr/include/stdio.h)
(but I can't find the word "instead" on or near the line number
the compiler error gives me -- weird)

I get the same errors when compiling under x86 RedHat 6.1.
Has anyone successfully compiled this?
Someone must have, since there is an x86 rpm binary for Magic.

The source and info is here:


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