KDE video resolution.. help!

KDE video resolution.. help!

Post by Russell Stueve » Fri, 11 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Warning..... this post is not another newbie asking what setting to set
BootX to to get better video!
Instead its a newbie asking another stupid video setting question....

What I did....
1. I followed the instruction on replacing the Xpmac with Xpmac_mga. For
some reasons Jason's web site with instructions didn't help.. until
I found a post that had me run "chmod 4755 " on the new xpac_mga (not
sure what that does....anyone?) the it worked. WOW accelerated video
looks great!
2. replaced the kernel 2.1.125 with 2.2.1. WOW! speed demon.  I was
really impressed with the speed and stability of this kernel. (also
enabled the G3 cache with PowerLogix Chache Profiler... this seems to
help as well)
3. Tried with "no video" off to get better video to try to get even
better graphic support. With"no video" checked my horizontal shaded bars
still come out in psychedelic colors....   So i figured now I can use my
BootX variables to help me out (atyfb: blah, blah, blah.....)...

The problem...... (finally you say)
Linux comes up... looks good....the log in screen looks great, Now that
I have 2.2.1 I don't get those "oddities" on the screen (unless I move
my mouse really, really fast...which I don't plan on doing often) Looks
good at this point (16bit and 24bit color works at this point) However
as soon as I log in BOOM it changes to what appears to be 256....... the
shading looks good. However,  the 256 colors is...blah.....   I figured
there is a "script" or "setting" somewhere that I can edit to fix this
but for the life of me I don't know where or where to look. (I learned
my lesson early on NOT to change setting unless you are sure (and then
WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU CHANGED.. That way its easy to get back to square

In short....
Any one know why and how to fix KDE from changing to 256 colors on log
in?  (Um, let it be said that "no video" I already know about...... I
know it works.... I'm just trying to progress my knowledge .... :P   )

Dreaming of R5,