Weird X11 action on PB 3400...

Weird X11 action on PB 3400...

Post by Daniel Du » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 15:45:02

I have finally got XFree86 working on my powerbook 3400c, but there are some
strange side effects that I can't find mention of in any bulletin boards or
mailing lists:

1) Only works the 2nd time you run startx.  The first time, you get two windows
in the top left & right corners of the screen, and X crashes after 15 seconds.
Run X again, and all's well....

2) trackpad mouse works, but after 10 mins of X11, often the mouse button stops
working.  And the adb_buttons kernel argument won't seem to give me a 2nd mouse
button control no matter what key I map it to...the actual mouse cursor's fine,
just the button stops working after a while.

Any suggestions/comments?

From Daniel

Machine is Powerbook 3400c, 80 MB RAM, running kernel 2.2.18-4hpmac on LinuxPPC
Q4 2000 with XFree86 4.2 on fbdev driver, ADB mouse driver (default).

ICQ#  75924725

Bill Gates is in his heaven, all's right with my PC.


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I am in the process of trying install linuxppc on a PB3400  (hard drive
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after successfully setting up the partitions and initializing the swap
volume, i specify the path for the RedHat distribution and get the
following error:

Mount failure!  no such device

Since i was getting Data type 9 errors when using the wrong versions of
things, i know that in principle it knows where to look to find things...
Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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