macally two-button adb mouse + yellowdog: how ?

macally two-button adb mouse + yellowdog: how ?

Post by Jochen Rollwag » Thu, 13 Mar 2003 23:24:51

Hi there,

i recently got a 2-button adb-mouse from macally and thought yellowdog
would recognize it. Well, it doesn't. What do i have to do to
configure it ? I'm using kernel 2.4.19-4a and XFree64 4.2.0. I'm
running icewm as my window manager and rox-filer and i'd like to have
the rox-context-menu on the second (right) mouse button.

Any suggestions ?


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I just got a MacAlly 2 button ADB mouse. The left button works, and
the right one doesn't do squat. I've read all over the place that I'm
supposed to do mousemode 3 66 to make all my problems disappear. But
this command doesn't work: the mouse rejects the handler change. I've
tried it using Apple's ADB Parser utility, too: set register 3 of
device 3 to 0x2342. Then ask it to spew back register 3, and, lo and
behold, it's still using whatever handler it was before. I seemingly
can assign it handlers 1, 2, or 4, but none of these let me use the
right button. Any ideas?

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