LinuxPPC 2000 Lite x-install crash

LinuxPPC 2000 Lite x-install crash

Post by jamesbfi.. » Fri, 25 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I have burned and booted from a cd and have mounted
and formatted my partitions but the installer
freezes and dies when the packages are being
installed. I reformatted and tried again and the
installer crashed a second time while the
Ghostscript fonts package was being installed.

This is on rev 1 B&W G3 with 256K Ram and a 4 gig
IDE drive dedicated to LinuxPPC.

Any ideas?

James Field

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1. mac on linux problem in linuxppc 2000 Lite on an imac

I was getting the a different error trying to get MOL to work yesterday,
but I just received my CD  and I re-installed.

I now have the exact same error as you and I am using the same version
of the kernel. If I figure it out, I'll pass on the info, but as I am
still a newbie with most things in Linux, I am hoping (like you) that
someone can shed some light on this.

Please keep me informed if you find an answer to this.


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