cron and visual cron

cron and visual cron

Post by franck aguad » Tue, 08 Jun 1999 04:00:00

could anyone tell me where i could more info on cron and visual cron or similar.

1. cron.deny and cron.allow files for CRON management

Hi All

I  can not  seem to be able to  make these files  work. Despite  an
entry  in  cron.deny  file,  the  specific user  can use
the crontab  command  to  submit  a  job  to  cron and  the  job
does  gets  executed.
Crontab  command  is  supposed  to check  entries  in these  files.
Ido not think  this is  happening.

Any  idea  will  be  greatly  appreciated.
Please  send  me an e-mail.


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