vmode settings for PowerCenter Pro 210

vmode settings for PowerCenter Pro 210

Post by Dave Huda » Fri, 12 Mar 1999 04:00:00


I have a collection (8) PowerCenters that I am setting up with LinuxPPC.
Right now, in the BootX command line, I have added:


Does anyone have a "standard" recommendations for the video settings on the
PCPro?  It just seems a little sluggish to me (dragging windows around is


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1. LinuxPPC on PowerCenter Pro 210

I'm having problems installing LinuxPPC on my PowerCenter Pro 210.

As per instructions, I made a boot floppy containing installer.coff (and
I reformatted the floppy first). I set up my boot variables, using kbd
and screen as input-device and output-device respectively. I then
rebooted from the floppy. My monitor's green light comes on for a few
seconds, then goes off. There's some disk activity on the floppy for
about 30 seconds, then - nada! Black screen, no disk activity.

I looked in the FAQmatic, and there's an entry suggesting a couple of
variants for the output-device name (one of which is supposed to have
originated from a PowerCenter user). I try both of these, but still no
joy (in fact, with one of them I don't even get the activity on the

I sit back and think for a bit. It occurs to me that I have a Techworks
3dfx card installed, and my monitor connects to it through a
pass-through cable connected to the card. Is it possible that this is
screwing up OF? So I disconnect the monitor from the 3dfx card and hook
it up as normal. I then retry all the above permutations - still zip!

I'm about ready to turn the LinuxPPC CD into performance art by dipping
it into a vat of Linus Torvald's urine! My PRAM has been zapped more
often than the Millenium Falcon. If anyone out there has successfully
installed on a PowerCenter Pro 210, can they post their boot variable
settings here? Could there be some other problem than the boot

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


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