Duo 2300 status?

Duo 2300 status?

Post by Jeffrey Lusz » Tue, 09 Mar 1999 04:00:00

  I hear from time to time that mklinux support for the Duo 2300 is
"almost there". How close is it and what can be done to help the project?





1. 2300 problems resolved (for me, anyway)!

[For those who don't know, I originally posted tha question about setting
up my sytem to use LBA mode on my Promise 2300+ card, which involved
changing out one 540 HD for an 850, and reformatting the other.  I have the
"windows" AMI bios, with LBA, etc., support, and V3.12 of the card's bios.
I never used LBA mode before, and expected a headache getting everything
transferred.  The linux part was really secondary, but it seems there are
many questions about this sort of configuration flating about the linux
newsgroups.  With some helpful advice from a few people, I got the thing
up and running...]

        Well, with some serious headaches due to other problems
unforseen, I accomplished my goal.  In fact, I'm writing this letter via
'minicom' from my linux partition :)
        How'd I do it?  Well, it seems the 2300 overrides the Bios settings
(which I left on LBA, etc.) when it's set to something.  Not really sure...
but it does work (and it read my old hard drive, formatted non-LBA, so go
figure... it saved me a few hours of backing up applications and games.)  I
got the 850 configured, with some room for linux, and got all my system
files moved, too.  Then, I started windows, and *poof*, it hung... again,
and again, and again.  Until I got the bright idea of reinstalling the EIDE
dos driver (I use the wdc-whatever.386 for Windows that WD currently gives
out, on the recommendation of the people at Promise, no less... seems their
own driver is a bit... flakey?)  
        In any case, after doing that, everything worked fine.  DOS reads
the three hard drives (I was told to avoid using >500 MB drives on the 3rd
and 4th IDE port by their tech, and evidently it's a worthy caveat... I
hung my 540 off that cable and it was gibberish (EIDE2300.exe will only
auto-detect ide3 and 4... it doesn't allow you to bypass that so far as
they said.)  Linux is happy to see all three drives too... they did a good
job on making the current version of linux so flexible. (I have 1.2.8, from
the current slakware dist. at ftp.cdrom.com).
        I dunno... my next task will be to add all the other linux paks I
need, and fine-tune the kernel.  I orignally installed it using UMSDS, BTW,
on the old hard drive setup, and that worked too.
        Hell of a hassle, but in the end it was pretty straightforward.

  Martin F. Falatic             MSE, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN

    WWW: http://www.holli.com/~marty/index.html
         Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are my own, and
              are not that of Purdue University, or PUCC.

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