Removing LinuxPPC...

Removing LinuxPPC...

Post by Thomas Siverts » Sat, 13 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Sorry about this FAQ, but the Faq-o-matic seems to be down at the
moment... BTWW; Is there a newsgroup FAQ?

I am simply wondering how I`m supposed  to remove my Linux partitions on
my Mac. I know it`s obvious, but I can`t find any pointers on the
LinuxPPC website.


To remove noise from the newsgroup, any helpful soul might as well move
this to e-mail. :-)

Cheers, Thomas Sivertsen


1. Remove LinuxPPC loader

Hi...  A few months ago I installed LinuxPPC on my G4.  I did what I wanted
to do with it, but needed the space back and erased it.  I installed the OS
X beta last week.  X is running great.  But when I restart from my original
drive I get the LinuxPPC boot screen (a few lines of text then a prompt).  I
can't find a way to boot back into my regular OS 9 without using it as
Classic under X.

Here's my drive situation:

Master 40GB: Split into several partitions.  One was LinuxPPC.  X is on this
drive (a different partition from where Linux was).

Slave 20GB: One partition.  This has my main OS 9.  It operates as the
Classic environment for X, and runs fine that way.  When I try to boot from
this drive I get the LinuxPPC loader.

When LinuxPPC was installed, the drives were reversed (the 20GB was the

It seems there's a little LinuxPPC program on that 20GB drive that won't
die.  How to I kill/disable it so I can boot back to my regular OS 9?



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