Print to networked Epson 850N

Print to networked Epson 850N

Post by Frank » Wed, 10 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have a G3/333 and an Epson 850N that are both connected to 10B-T LAN.
Using LinuxPPC, is there a way to print via the Ethernet connection?



1. Epson 850N?

I'm in the market for a color inkjet printer and am leaning towards the
Epson Stylus Color 850N. I have a Solaris server, an NT server, a couple
of Linux machines, and a Mac, all of which I'd like to be able to print
to this printer. According to the brochure at
<>, the 850N can handle
lpr/lpd natively, as well as Mac and NT clients.

However, I was wondering if anyone had experience with the 850N and
Linux. I'd hate to spend the extra money for the Ethernet interface,
only to find that it doesn't really work with Linux's lpr/lpd. TIA!

Higher Education Consulting
Washington, DC

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