How to use the second mouse button with my adb-mouse ?

How to use the second mouse button with my adb-mouse ?

Post by Gabriel Bisku » Fri, 18 Jun 1999 04:00:00


I just installed LinuxPPC 5 and it works fine. But has someone any ideas how
to emulate the second Mouse Button on my standard Apple Mouse ?
I pressed every Key on my Keyboard but nothing works.


Gabriel Biskup


1. 7500 + XLR Carrier + Debian + ADB mouse + XFree86 = no mouse buttons

I'm running a standard debian potato distribution on a 7500 mac with a
266 MHz G3 XLR8 carrier card.  When I start X, I don't get any response
from the mouse button(s).  When I run xev, no event is reported,
neither button press nor release.  I've tried this with both the
standard mac mouse and a microspeed mactrac 2.0 trackball.  Things work
fine with the standard 601/100 card.  Any idea how to get the XLR8 and
the mouse to play nice?

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