Finally got R5 installed on PowerCenter Pro 210!

Finally got R5 installed on PowerCenter Pro 210!

Post by John Se » Sun, 05 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I'd given up in disgust for several weeks. All it took was changing the
SCSI ID of the target disk from 0 to 1... apparently the install kernel
assumes that any disk with ID 0 on the motherboard SCSI is a MacOS disk
(such was NOT the case on my machine). Why something like that's not
documented, I haven't a clue.

John Seal


1. Installing 4.1 on PowerCenter Pro 210

I've been running MkLinux for quite some time, most recently Pre-DR3. I've
even run it with a LinuxPPC kernel 2.1.130 using BootX 1.0.1. When
LinuxDisks hosed my filesystem I decided to just buy the LinuxPPC 4.1 CD
and start over.

Well, I have the CD but can't figure out how to install it from scratch,
i.e. without reinstalling MkLinux then installing LinuxPPC on top of that.
Let me summarize the ways I've tried:

1. From the CD. This fails during boot with a "sequencer ram parity
error". No problem, I know how to fix that...

2. From HD. I copied the entire CD to a spare 810 MB external HD formatted
as a single HFS partition (not HFS+), then replaced the distribution
kernel with the 2.1.130 kernel that's known good for my machine. This
boots OK, but fails in the installer at the "locate files for
installation" step. Read what INSTALL.html has to say about the directory
location and am fairly confident I'm specifying it correctly (besides, I
tried many variations just in case). The error message is something along
the lines of "mount: illegal argument".

3. Run installer from HD, install files from CD. The installer apparently
sees the CD, because it spins up, but also fails during the "locate files"
step. Tried both my CD and my CD-R drive; neither one works, and it
apparently doesn't even see the CD-R drive. The error message is
different, something along the lines of "invalid header".

4. From floppy. In desperation I downloaded installer.coff and Boot
Variables and tried to install from floppy. The installer boots OK, but it
seems to number my SCSI devices differently that the installer on CD, and
it fails during the "format swap space" step (hangs indefinitely).

In addition, for the first three techniques, I've noticed that when asked
what partition I want to use for swap, that if I leave "check for bad
blocks" checked, the installer crashes with a signal 11. So I've been
unchecking that, and progressing to the other errore mentioned above.

I couldn't find anything of use on the FAQ-O-Matic or web site.

System info: PowerCenter Pro 210 with 96 MB RAM running MacOS 8.5.1 with
VM off. Main MacOS disk is 9.1 GB fast wide SCSI on Adaptec 2940UW (yes,
2940, I got one of the early ones...). The target disk (Seagate ST52160N),
CD (Teac CD-516S), and spare external HD (Quantum TRB850S) are all on the
motherboard SCSI.

I'd like to buy a clue, please....

John Seal

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