Sound support in Mac and kernel 2.4 questions.

Sound support in Mac and kernel 2.4 questions.

Post by PoligrafiaPolsk » Sun, 14 Jan 2001 00:40:14


How can I start with my sound support in mac series 4500 ?

I don't have any PCI card, but I have a standard mac sound card which is on
main borad. Under Mac OS it was working perfectly.

Where can I find FULL kernel 2.4 package.

I'm using Debian 2.2

Regards, Michael.


1. Trouble with OPL3-SAx sound support in compiling 2.4.x kernel

In October 2001 I got support for my WinBook XL's Yamaha OPL3-SAx
soundcard compiled into the kernel 2.4.9 of that time. I included
in my kernel's .config file.

However, I'm now trying to compile kernel 2.4.17, but the final
linking dies with sounddrivers.o having an undefined reference to
'unload_mpu401'. I've been playing with CONFIG_SOUND_OSS,
CONFIG_SOUND_YM3812, CONFIG_SOUND_OPL3SA2. Can anyone tell me which
combination of '=y's might work, or at least which ones definitely
won't so I can skip trying them?

Not setting any of them - omitting sound support altogether - has the
2.4.17 Linux kernel compiling fine.

(Of course, I pass appropriate adlib, opl, opl3sa2 parameters to the
kernel in my lilo.conf, but that's clearly not the problem here.)

-- Mark

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