Can't install linuxconf (" missing")

Can't install linuxconf (" missing")

Post by Oliver Fric » Tue, 25 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I tried to install linuxconf, but GnoRPM said
this would require "". Where can I find
this ?



Can't install linuxconf (" missing")

Post by Jeramy B Smit » Tue, 25 Apr 2000 04:00:00

install gd-1.3-5.ppc.rpm

There is a note about this at

Quote:> I tried to install linuxconf, but GnoRPM said
> this would require "". Where can I find
> this ?

> Oliver


1. Missing "not signed" Cups package

I used the icon on drafeconf to go to the Mandrake ftp site for
upgrades to lm 7.2, primarily to get the final KDE 2.0. Used
the "normal updates" and got a list of app's that have also been
updated since I purchased the retail package 2 weeks ago. Most of them
directly affected the version I purchased so I downloaded and installed
most of them. I then ran into TWO major problems, which I can't quite
figure out the cause nor answer for.

There was an significant upgrade for Linuxconf which I downloaded. Upon
installing it gave me a error " missing" and gave me an
option of force or cancel. I choose force and now I cannot get
Linuxconf to run at all. HOW is this possible? Since Linuxconf is such
a major component of lm7.2, it obviously is crucial that it is able to
run. What happened and how can it be fixed (VERY HIGH PRIORITY!!!!!)

There was also a  significant upgrade for the Cups package 1.1.4.-
7.1mdk which I downloaded. Upon installation it gave an error stating
that the package cannot be upgraded because it is not signed. ??????
Don't have a clue..... What is going on? AND what can be done to fix it?

NOTE: FYI,I looked at the description of every file on the "upgrade
list" from the site and saw that there was a upgrade for Rpmdrake. It
was worded rather stongly that because there were problems with
packages in the past, this should be downloaded and installed asap.
This was the first download and install that I did.

Thank you and I hope to hear from anyone shortly. Please.... I think I
remember seeing something about both these issues on forums sometime
back but I have tried and cannot locate it.

Also, since the "upgrade" now when I use the Gnome desktop, it tells me
that the aRts soundserver is not running/started. Does anyone have any
thoughts/ideas on this? Thanks again.

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