Which single Bus SCSI Controller for Mac G3 Hardware and Linux?

Which single Bus SCSI Controller for Mac G3 Hardware and Linux?

Post by Sven Bra » Thu, 25 Nov 1999 04:00:00


which Macintosh SCSI U or UW Controller should I buy that works
flawlessly und Linux and MacOS? (Formac ProRAID I, Adaptec 2930, Adaptec
2940, Atto ????, ....)

Sven Braun


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1. Adaptec 2842 SCSI VL Bus Master Controller - does it work with Linux


I have seen a number of messages in this conference regarding the Adaptec
2842 SCSI controller (VESA Bus Master), reporting different problem they
encountered with it.  I am in the processing of purchasing a new computer and
I just was wondering if there are people out there using this card with Linux
and heaving no problems with it.

Marcin Komorowski


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