Typo in mol.sh?

Typo in mol.sh?

Post by Mac Flore » Fri, 22 Dec 2000 04:01:39

Does anybody know what the "typo" is in the mol.sh file in MOL for
SuSE7.0 PPC?



1. Typo in arch/sh/kernel/io_7751se.c


not sure who to send it to. So as suggested in REPORTING-BUGS, I'm sending
it to this mailing list.

While building a kernel for an SH7751 SolutionEngine, I ran into a link
problem using a non-PCI configuration. I tracked the problem back to
arch/sh/kernel/io_7751se.c. On line 304, I see:

#if defined(CONFIG_PCI)
#define CHECK_SH7751_PCIIO(port) \
  ((port >= PCIBIOS_MIN_IO) && (port < (PCIBIOS_MIN_IO + SH7751_PCI_IO_SIZE)))
#define CHECK_SH_7751_PCIIO(port) (0)

The problem is with the 5th line. It should be:

#define CHECK_SH7751_PCIIO(port) (0)

I removed the '_' between SH and 7751.

If I need to send this somewhere else, please tell me where.


Paul van Gool                                               Rincon Networks

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