ATI XclaimVR and video on YDL 2.1 problem

ATI XclaimVR and video on YDL 2.1 problem

Post by Jason Ga » Sat, 08 Dec 2001 12:22:53

I have an ATI XclaimVR128 and YDL 2.1 ... installed from scratch from the

Why is any video (MPEG or DVD) in Linux using Xv (XF86 4.1) displayed only
one quarter of its size in the Xv overlay window?

How do I fix this problem? Am I the only person with Linux experiencing this

-- Jason


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I'm hoping for a little insight here. I've been struggling with this in
my off time for quite a while.

I've got a PowerMac 9500/132 with YDL 2.1 on it. The video card seems to
be recognized properly (ATI Mach64), and I've used dexter to identify
the monitor (Apple Multiple Scan 17). When I set the resolution above
640x480, the KDE desktop extends beyond the boundaries of the screen.
I'd really like to be able to run X at 1024x768, at least.

I've searched the YDL support lists, and the comp.os.linux groups, but
cannot seem to find anything that resolves the problem.

Any insight is appreciated. If more information is required, please
advise and I'll provide.


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