Where's ssh-server-1.2.27-5us.ppc.rpm?

Where's ssh-server-1.2.27-5us.ppc.rpm?

Post by Scott Severso » Sat, 05 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I was looking to install ssh on my linuxppc box and although I
could find the following:

all the links to the server package were broken. Was this pulled
for some security hole? 1.2.27-5 looks to be the most recent version
so I was hoping to get the whole thing installed at one time.

Any insight into the whereabouts of the most recent sshd would be most

Scott A. Severson


1. linux-ppc rpm crash & rpm control-panel

        I am installing Linux-PPC on my Pmac 7300/20.
I am putting it on an external 2.1 Go HD, which I have partitionned in
order to have
linux partitions  and one 800 Mo HFS (not HFS+) to put the redhat

    I boot with a floppy to make the install... everything goes fine
until the installation of
the rpm packages. The installer *crashes* after having installed
something between 100 and
200 Mb of RPMs ; the moment it crashes and the corresponding RPM is

    All the installer says is " received signal 11" (sounds familiar
:-(  ) and it kills everything
until "you can now safely reboot your system"

    This problem does not seem to be realted to the kernel installed,
nor if I use Boot variables
or BootX. Also, when i install on a removable 230 Mo MO disk, I don't
have any problem.

    So : can anybody tell me the origin of this "signal 11" thing ?

    Another question : by just making a base install, I have been able
to finally install linux,
and I have manually added the X11 & KDE RPMs, but now I would like to
know what is
the name of the RPM manager that can be used through "control-panel". It
would be much
easier to add the missing packages... I have found control-panel...rpm
but not the rpm
graphical manager module.

                        Thanks in advance...


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