Problems installing YDL3.0 on imac g4 800mhz 17 inch lcd

Problems installing YDL3.0 on imac g4 800mhz 17 inch lcd

Post by unixisgoo » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 11:24:50

any constructive advice would  be appreceiated

Problems installing YDL3.0 on imac g4 800mhz 17 inch lcd

Post by Manfred Marti » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 18:47:38


you have to configure the parameters for your monitor,
(17 inch lcd is same kind of special)
this is a part of the configuration of the X Window System, in
the linux world  you can get special information at www.
Try the settings of a very normal VGA or SVGA monitor,
(resolution 800x600, refreshing frequencies horiz, vert. not too fast... 60
Hertz ..., number of colours
only 256 ....and so on)....
once you are able to install the system and the computer boots again,
log in as root
type XF86Setup
...this is the default configuration program for configuring your X Window
System on your linux computer..
or any other program that is used in the Yellox Dog Linux Distribution
(Start Here.....System Settings Folder )

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Quote:>any constructive advice would  be appreceiated


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they either arent working or i'm obviously doing somethng wrong. Can
someone offer advice or insight.  Thank you for in advance.

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