linuxppc 7200 boot problems

linuxppc 7200 boot problems

Post by Bill » Wed, 24 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have installed linux ppc (redhat) and cannot get it to boot.  If i zap
the p-ram i can get macos 8 to boot.  When i go to change the boot
variables (control panel) from /aapl,rom

sits there with a blank screen. what am i doing wrong?
I have a 7200 and am trying to install onto scsi ID 6 partition 5. I
have another drive (scsi id 1) with macos 8 so i can boot into that.


1. LinuxPPC/2000 boot problem on 7200/90

Earlier this year I installed LinuxPPC/2000 on an old PowerMac 7200/90.  
I'm not using the graphic stuff, the computer just sits in the corner
and works as the mail server for, and as my test web server
on the intranet.  I had rebooted several times while getting it set up
the way I wanted it, and then left it alone.

It had been up for almost four months before I did something stupid and
had to restart it.  I'd been running it "headless" (no monitor or
keyboard) and I stupidly did something to bring networking down.  Well,
no problem, I thought...I'll just power it off and on again.  Only it
didn't start up, it went into a loop where it would "bong", work the
hard disk for a few seconds and go silent, then "bong" again after three
minutes.  I finally hooked up a monitor and keyboard to discover that
was getting a kernel panic, saying "no init!".

I finally got it to boot by booting from a MacOS CD and running the
"Boot Linux" control panel and adding "init = /sbin/init" to the kernel
options, and telling it the root is /dev/sdb6.  But it used to know
this.  I originally followed the instructions to get it to boot
automatically into LinuxPPC (creating the /boot partition, etc.)...where
is this information stored, and how do I put it back without
re-installing?  The files in the /boot partition don't seem to contain
anything that would control this.

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