LinuxPPC 2k problems

LinuxPPC 2k problems

Post by Dari Funallet Plana » Wed, 22 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I recently got the linuxppc 2k cd, and I did a full install and when I
want to turn to KDE desktop, it happens nothing, always turns to the
login screen
What can I do?
Also I tried to turn to linuxPPC q3 that this problem I didn't have it,
but now detects a adb mouse when I have a B&W G3 and all is USB !!!! but
is  with uwscsi2 hard disc, a seagate ultra ata  and the cdrom. I think
I could be done because I had to change the ide port of the cdrom , now
my cdrom is pluged in the ultra ata port, and the ultraata hard disk is
pluged in the cdrom port, that I did because, the disk manager did not
detect my ultraata drive if I plugged in the ultraata port.
Have any solutions?

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I have installed linuxPPC 2K (full) into my iBook, (i have created 2
partitions (1 for / and 1 for swap), "/" is /dev/hda9, but my iBook doesn't
boot linux. (with Boot'X) how can i do that ?

Thanks a lot for your help...

Thierry - FRANCE

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