R4 to R5 on an iMac

R4 to R5 on an iMac

Post by Evan Jenkin » Sun, 17 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I recently installed LinuxPPC R4 on my iMac. When my CD came, there was a
letter in it saying I would also get an R5 CD for free. I installed R4 onto
my iMac using the instructions on the iMac HOWTO page. I heard R5 will have
full iMac support. When I install R5, will I have to do the steps on the
HOWTO page again or can I just install it? Are there any other special steps
I will need to do? And will R5 let me use 16 (or 32) bit color or sound?
Also, has anybody gotten the modem to work on an iMac in Linux? If so, how?
Evan Jenkins

ICQ Number: 9688499

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I have a Rev. A iMac with 96M RAM.  I had R4 installed on the machine and it
worked great.

During the install (with the X installer), when I click the 'Format and
Close' button, all the windows close and X crashes.  The Redhat installer
doesn't do anything except fatal error and reboots the machine.

Can anyone give me a pointer as to where to even start getting at this?


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