generic acct mgmt question

generic acct mgmt question

Post by MoofMoo » Sun, 29 Oct 2000 13:20:20

Now that I have installed the LAG version of Linux, I cannot seem to
make a user account that I can log into. I have tried several, and I
can su to any one of them and use passwd from the user prompt, but I
cannot start a session from the login prompt. I am guessing there is
something in /etc that I have to modify.

Any help is appreciated


1. NS Enterprise 3.0 and Server Acct Mgmt

I am running NS Enterprise 3.0 on Solaris, and I've been looking for a
way to let users update their own account information, without giving
them access to the full Administration Server Users and Groups
interface, which would also let a user update every other person's
information in addition to their own.

After digging around the directory structure a little, I found a
directory called:

  <server root>/bin/user/admin/

Underneath this directory is are /bin and a /html/en directories.  The
/bin holds compiled code and the html holds html pages.  By starting the
CGI script /bin/index in the browser, you get a 3-frame interface (top
is title, left is menu, right is content) which looks like it might be
exactly the type of user account management application I've been
looking for--but I can't make it work!

I found that moving the application around to a place where it would be
more convienient to map to caused it to dump core (no idea why), so I
left it in place and created a mapping right to it.

Now, when I click the "Password" or "Personal Information" items on the
menu, the content frame says that "An error occurred while contacting
the LDAP server."

Two questions:

  1.  Has anyone configured this application to work for them?
  2.  Do I have to use the Directory Server, or can I use the local
database directory?

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