Killing that irritating balloon help.

Killing that irritating balloon help.

Post by Red White and China Bl » Tue, 31 Oct 2000 22:26:28

Using Gnome, is there a way to kill that stupid balloon that pops up when
the mouse lands on a titlebar?

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I want to kill a login of mine on the eXceed X-Windows emulator. I've
tried all I can think of and e-mailed my admin (they do nothing!). I'm
concerned that someone could log on to the PC that is running the
eXceed windows login session and mess up my account. I can't get to
the PC and I can't find a pid for the login or shell, but a look at
"who" shows I'm still logged in. Any guru's have a good idea what I
can do? Its getting me down :-(

         -= Daniel P Merriott =-

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