QUESTION: Problem Changing Network Configuration (TCP/IP)

QUESTION: Problem Changing Network Configuration (TCP/IP)

Post by Brice Rolsto » Mon, 23 Oct 2000 04:00:00

I recently registered a domain name and need to update my host name and dns
servers. When I type 'setup' it brings me to the redhat text setup utility.
I select Network configuration. This brings me to a screen where I can enter
my IP addres, netmask, default gateway and primeary nameserver. I enter
those things and then click 'OK', which SHOULD bring me to the next part
where I can enter hostname, domain name and secondary/tertiary dns... but
instead of going to that, it sort of flickers/flashes and goes back to the
redhat text setup utility, and saves no changes to the network setup.

Thanks for any help.



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I have a rather simple question (I think :-). I'm running the
following network configuration.

    WinXP               RedHat Linux               Win95<---><--->

The Linux computer has three ethernet-cards, configured like above.
Both WinXP and Win95 can access the internet via ppp0
(ADSL-connection), but the can't ping eachother:
- can ping and, but not
- can ping and, but not

My routing table looks like this:
Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref  
Use Iface *      UH    0      0      
0 ppp0    *        U     0      0      
0 eth2        *        U     0      0      
0 eth1    *        U     0      0      
0 eth0       *            U     0      0      
0 lo

default         UG    0      0      
0 ppp0

With xxx and yyy replaced by numbers :-)

Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance!


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