starting apache and mysql at boot

starting apache and mysql at boot

Post by Bill Denn » Mon, 13 Sep 1999 04:00:00


I downloaded and compiled mysql and apache w/php support. I can get
everything working fine, but apache and mysql do not start up at boot

I can start both manually and things work fine. How do I get them to start
at boot?

[apache tries to start, but fails]

Any help?


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1. start mysql database as mysql instead of root

having trouble with mysql
i can only start the server as root
when i use adduser interactivly to create mysql
i use /usr/bin/false as the shell
but i am not sure about the password
or if  i need a home directory for the mysql user
what adduser command do i use to
create an unprivilidge user (mysql)
for the mysql server to run as.


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