NAS for MkLinux?

NAS for MkLinux?

Post by Stefa » Wed, 28 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I'm wondering if anyone has been able to build NAS
(Network Audio Server) under MkLinux now that sound
support is available? I have given it my best shot
but have been unsuccessful so far. Please let me know
if this has or can be done.

Thank you,


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1. Making mklinux cd (was mac 6100/66 and mklinux)

Hi again,
I downloaded the dr-3 mklinux raw image from apple's site. Made a cd of
it under XCDRoast that i can fully read and browse on my PC Linux box.

The problem is I cannot get it to read on my mac power pc 6100/66.
The cd-rom is an Apple 4X SCSI cd-rom that is known good (I can read the
system cd I borrowed just fine as well as some kids game cd's (hybrid
pc/mac) I installed system 7.5 on the mac this weekend.

Did I burn the cd wrong?(wrong extensions?) I used Rockridge with
Win95/NT (default) which makes all of my other cd's fine. It includes
Rockridge with anonimity and allows long filenames.
Is it the system 7.5 and I need to get an upgrade?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You need to have at least a small MacOS partition with the MacOS
on it, because MkLinux can't boot by itself.  It boots via the MkLinux
Booter, a MacOS system extension which is invoked by the MacOS boot

Once MkLinux is up and running, it takes over the machine completely,
you still need the MacOS to get it up and running.


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--- forwarded mesaage follows ---
Is it possible to install mklinux dr-3 on an old mac 6100/66 (w/ 40mb
ram and a 340 scsi hdd )I have without having the mac os on it. I have
to do a bare bones install on a clean machine as I no longer have any
mac stuff. I have a pc already running mandrake linux (=redhat 5.2) and
want to put this old mac into service again just as an internet box on
my network.

On my pc linuxbox I have downloaded the DR-3 cd-image and will try to
burn the raw image  tonight with X CDRoast. However everything I read
says do such and such on the mac os side, do so and so in the mac os

Does anyone have the steps down to load mklinux on a bare 6100/66?



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