I thought you may enjoy...

I thought you may enjoy...

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Consistent mediocrity, delivered on a large scale, is much more profitable
than anything on a small scale, no matter how efficient it might be.

                                                (Page 176)

Taken from "The Unix-Haters Handbook."
Never before in the history of the world has such a non-innovative company
made so much money by doing so little for so many people.  I am, of course,
talking about the Microsoft Corporation ...


        Lucent Technologies Inc., Bell Laboratories
        Phone: 732-946-1119       Fax: 732-946-9146


1. I think I may have found a bug

        What is happening is I write a record out as a void * using low level
write, but later when it is read back the last 1-4 bytes seem to get
jumbled. I could use an experience had to look over the program to
either confirm this is point out my problem. The code is sizable, and
uses several files including a linked list, b-tree index( a shareware
lib for DOS I bought long ago and ported to Linux ), a record management
wrapper for the index routines, and several others. However, the problem
seems to be localized to the write_rec and read_rec functions.
Everything seems to have the proper values( recpos, and such ) but the
record itself is messed up. Can anyone take the time out to look it


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