failed to install. rpm exited with 256

failed to install. rpm exited with 256

Post by Nastythin » Sat, 10 Mar 2001 07:01:52

What does this mean?
Trying  to install linuxconf.
On all 3 of my cd's (different download sites) i get this error?.
Also when i look in the directories i find it, but get the error in console
failed to find shared library sg01****




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Thanks for any tips in advance.

I admit to being a newbie with LinuxPPC. I've been trying to install on a
1.2 G hard drive on my PowerMac 7600/132 w/144 megs Ram and get as far as
installing packages then "...failed to install..rpm exited with 256" is the
error message.

I've partitioned the disk with OS9 Disk Setup as per instructions and also
used the pdisk to partition but both methods haven't solved my problem. I've
tried 900mgs /root and 100mgs swap and a few variations I've seen posted but
still hit on that error message.

I'm hoping someone has a tip to try next. I think I've been pretty logical
with the documentation but must be missing something.

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