LinuxPPC 2000 on embedded MPC860

LinuxPPC 2000 on embedded MPC860

Post by Ruedi Hofe » Thu, 24 Feb 2000 04:00:00


A question regarding LinuxPPC 2000 on the embedded MPC860 processor.

I built a very little root file system, just using a couple of
libs and bash.
As soon as the board has mountet the root file system, it hangs.
I guess it crashes when it tries to run ld...

1. Do this libs run on a MPC860?

2. Is LinuxPPC 2000 based on libc5 or libc6?

3. Did someone try the same thing (LinuxPPC 2000 on embedded MPC860)?

Best regards

Ruedi Hofer


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I am trying to get LinuxPPC installed on a PowerBook 2000. I have followed
al the posted methods. When I use yaboot 0.5 and attempt to run my install
configuration I get the following message:

DEFAULT CATCH, code=300 at %SRR0: 011ee498 %SRR1: 00003030

I then get the option to type mac-boot or shut-down.

Only shut-down works.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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